Sheriff's Office promotes and honors members of Montgomery County law enforcement

By: Woodlands Online | Published 05/16/2019


CONROE, TX -- Sheriff Rand Henderson and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office held a ceremony on Thursday, May 16 to announce the promotion of 18 team members and honor individuals with 5-30 years of service.


Sherrif Henderson began the event by thanking the families in attendance for their support and spoke on how the Sherrif’s Office will always be a second family for the team.


“When you send your loved ones off to work, you send them off to be with their second family,” said Henderson. “That’s something that we are really proud to have here at the Sherrif’s Office is the close bond with one another.”


After the Sherrif’s welcome, the new promotions in each division were announced:


Administrative Services Division

Tim Cannon, Captain


Law Enforcement Services Division

Dan Norris, Captain


Patrol East Division

Jeremy Davis, Sergeant

Michael Burnett, Detective

Brad Crandell, Detective

Jeffery Durrenberger, Detective

Johnathan Jordan, Detective

Karen Martinez, Detective


Patrol West Division

Derek Cogdill, Sergeant

Bryan Mittag, Detective

Teresa Stone, Crime Analyst


The Woodlands Township Division

Andrew Senn, Detective

Michael Yow, Detective


Criminal Investigative Division

Stanley Jolly, Specialist

Riley Zapf, Detective


Executive Division

Elizabeth Curry, Supervisor


Jail Division

Jermaine Jenkins, Lieutenant

Stephanie Logan, Lieutenant


Each individual walked across the stage to receive their new badge and a certificate from Sherrif Henderson. The ceremony concluded with employees being recognized for at least five years of service. The highest amount honored was the 30 Years of Service group, which included:


Jimmy Malmay, Clarence Tidwell, David Wells, and Rocky Woodrick.

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