A touch of nostalgia

Published 05/28/2019


I’m feeling wildly nostalgic today. Will you permit me some space to both celebrate and lament how quickly our kids grow up?

I was at the drive-thru of the Alden Bridge Chick-fil-A today, and the lines were unusually long. There were throngs of teenagers, released early from local high schools after the first round of finals. They were all smiles; high-fiving each other and excitedly discussing the last 1.5 days of school. I wasn’t bothered by the masses of teenagers, if anything, I was deeply saddened by them. In their faces, I saw my own kids. I saw my two daughters in the girls with messy ponytails and bright smiles. I saw my three sons in the boys with bottomless appetites and excited eyes. Each of these teenagers was looking to the close horizon, the start of summer, without knowing they were each taking giant steps toward the much larger horizon of adulthood.

And adulthood is hard. I was reminded of how quickly my own high school days came and went (and hear me well, I do not necessarily miss those days), but I do long for the energy and vigor I had for living each day big and bold back then. But I was less nostalgic for myself and much more moved as I looked in the rearview mirror and saw my own children. There they were, some still in five-point harnesses. One day they will be the ones rejoicing a half-day. One day they will be the ones gathering with friends at a Chick-fil-A to discuss summer plans. It’s cliche to say “don’t blink,” but in all honesty, there are absolutely moments I wish time would freeze or at least slow down. And I wonder if each of those teenagers I saw today knows that somewhere at home there is a parent or guardian thinking the same thing about them.

Venture on, young ones, into the great and wild unknown of your future. There awaits great things for you. Just don’t mind me, the momma in the corner sobbing uncontrollably at how much of a thief time can be.

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