How To Enhance Your Visual Content For Social Media

By: ITVibes, Inc | Published 05/28/2019

How To Enhance Your Visual Content On Social Media

Visual content marketing is quickly taking over the online world. Big name brands are continuing to grow their online presence by creating effective visuals for their marketing strategy. In this smartphone-centered era that we live in, it’s nearly impossible to promote your brand online without the use of visual content such as photos, videos, and infographics.

With an estimated 84% of communications being visual, it’s a good idea to use images and videos in your social media strategy. Here’s how you can enhance your visual content for best results!CLICK TO TWEET

How Can You Boost Your Social Media With Visual Content?

It’s simple enough to take pictures and post them to your social media platform; and even simpler to share a graphic or video that someone else has posted. What will really improve your social media marketing game is the work that you put into your visual content by customizing it to cater to your brand’s style. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating visual content for your social media:

  1. Keep your posts consistent
  2. Reuse your graphics
  3. Communicate emotion through images
  4. Organize your visuals
  5. Use visuals to display data
  6. Plan your content accordingly
  7. Relate to your audience

1) Keep Posts Consistent

You’ll want to find a style that works for your brand and run with it. Your visuals should contain the same font style that works with your website or logo on each post. Incorporate the same color scheme from your brand into your visuals so that people scrolling through your social media can visualize the theme that you want to illustrate.

2) Reuse Graphics

Having a template for your brand’s visuals can help you to keep things consistent. It will also help with your posting schedule, as you can base each post off of one customized graphic and change it up to fit the theme of that post. The different types of visual content that you post can all be made with the same idea in mind.

3) Communicate Emotions

Don’t be afraid to get a little emotional with your visuals. Social media posts work best when they invoke some kind of emotion from the viewer. You can communicate emotions through your images by using different colors such as red for anger, blue for despair, and orange for serenity.

4) Organize Visuals

While in blog posts you can set the alt text for your images to relate them back to your SEO, posting images on your social network might not give you the option for detailed image descriptions. Organize your visual content by including keywords, icons, and of course, your brand’s logo. This will give your followers a way to find what they’re looking for while scrolling through your social media.

5) Display Data

In general, it’s easier for people to visualize data than it is to read about it. Infographics are a great way to get data across to your audience, as the numbers in images accompanied by minimal text are much easier to grasp and understand immediately.

Pro Tip: If there’s something educational you’d like to promote to your audience that you think will be too wordy, try breaking it down into an infographic that can easily get the point across.

6) Plan Your Content

A good visual content strategy will help with your brand identity and creating social media posts in the future. Having a good plan for your content, when to post them and what types of content they’ll be, will get the ball rolling on consistent, high-quality graphic design and video content.

7) Relate To Your Audience

Stay up-to-date with the type of content that your followers are sharing and posting on social media. You should be planning for your visual content to relate to your target audience. Think about what’s going on in your social media feed and how you can relate your visual posts to them, if appropriate.


Remember to get creative and play around with different ideas when it comes to creating visuals for your brand’s social media. Try your hand at custom graphics, video content creation, and even live videos to see what grabs your audience’s attention.

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