Part III – Probate: Identify the Most Efficient Probate Proceeding – Proceeding to Declare Heirs

By: The Strong Firm P.C. | Published 06/07/2019


In previous installments in this series we discussed that a dependent and independent administrations are generally used when the deceased person’s estate exceeds some minimal thresholds for size or complexity, such as owing unpaid debts. We also discussed that a muniment of title can be used as a quicker and comparatively simple process to transfer property (usually real property, i.e. land) when the decedent had a valid will but the estate is simple enough to forego a full-blown administration. In this installment, we will look at a proceeding to declare heirship (sometimes referred to as an “declaration of heirship”)...(Click here to continue)


Royce Lanning


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