Food Trucks – Then and Now

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 06/11/2019


Food trucks seem to be a very popular trend in dining out, particularly with the establishment of extensive food truck parks like Deacon Baldy’s on 1488 or 403 Eats in Tomball. But if you think back, you will probably realize, as I have, that food trucks have been around for a long time. Consider the ice cream truck we all waited for when we were kids. It only took a few notes through the tiny loudspeaker before children were flooding the cul-de-sac with coins in hand. I loved the ice cream truck so much, I actually rented one for the day as a marketing tool when I started my first real estate company. We delivered free ice cream to neighborhoods around The Woodlands and it was a great success, although if I ever hear the tune to “Pop Goes the Weasel”, it will be too soon. Mobile food trucks have also long played a role in feeding workmen who are concentrated in certain areas, like construction workers in neighborhoods that are being built. Which reminds me of one of the first neighborhoods we lived in as a family, called River Chase in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We were among the early residents to what was a new development at the time, so there was still a large volume of construction going on around us – and that’s when the entrepreneurial spirit first struck me in a big way..... to continue reading please click on

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