Don't worry - I'm still here

Published 07/03/2019


Don't worry readers, I'm still here. My family took priority in the month of June as we vacationed, for the first time ever, for three weeks. It was a luxury not lost on our family to leave home and road trip to the east coast (Long Beach Island was our humidity-free home for two weeks) and then down through the beauty of the Carolinas into Florida, where we visited Disney World. I'm exhausted and have crazy tan lines, and every moment of sharing approximately 500 square feet of space with six other people was utterly fantastic. 

I have lots of stories to share, none of them pertaining to wandering about The Woodlands. Stories like how we learned our three-year-old daughter can toot louder, longer and smellier than either of our three boys. But those stories are for another time. 

I also came up with some great article ideas that I will begin this Monday, July 8. I'm excited to be back here in my space, although I must admit, it was nice to leave a computer behind for awhile. 

But alas! I'm still here! And there are so many great things to come! Grab your cup of coffee Monday morning and snuggle in close because I'll launch a new month-long series that you won't want to miss! 

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