Perspectives: The Woodlands Through the Eyes of a 9-Year-Old

Published 07/08/2019

Main Event in The Woodlands

I’m thrilled to unveil a new series of blog articles for the next month titled “Perspectives.” I have four children who were more than willing to sit down for a brief interview with me and share their favorite things to do and places to eat in The Woodlands. For four Mondays, you’ll get an inside look at what an ideal day would be like for a nine, eight, six and three-year-old.

To kick off our series, my oldest son is going to give his perspective on his favorites here in town.

1.Start your day with Shipley’s Do-nuts. His favorite order includes one cinnamon sugar, one chocolate iced with sprinkles and one chocolate glazed. Top it all off with a big orange juice.

2.Now that you’re fueled up, head to the pool to burn off all that sugar! He loves swimming in the Shenandoah pool (“The slide is super fun”), the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center (“I love the lazy river”) and Harper’s Landing (“It’s a big pool that is good for playing games with my brothers.”).

3.When you’ve swam the entire morning away, stop by at either of the two MOD Pizza locations. He loves being in control of making his own pizza - even if that means the only topping he gets is cheese.

4.After lunch, head over to Main Event to “play all the games!” He bee-lines for the virtual reality games and also enjoys earning tickets to redeem for prizes. Throw in a game of laser tag and he’s on cloud 9.

5.Make sure to leave Main Event a few hours before dinner and stop in one of the many local movie theaters to catch a new release. Don’t forget the popcorn! On his list to see soon is “Toy Story 4.”

6.Popcorn isn’t enough to fill a growing boy, which means it’s time for dinner! He recommends eating at Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar for some Hibachi chicken and fried rice. The kids’ portions are huge at Shogun, and he rarely has room for dessert after.

7.And to close out his perfect day, he would go to Space Cadets Collection Collection to browse the newest comics, use his allowance on Pokemon cards, and see what Commander Jen has new in the store.


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