Firework Eye Safety Tips


Fun will be, quite literally, exploding out of the sky this summer. To keep on enjoying these fantastic displays for years to come, make sure you are not putting your eyes at risk for injury this holiday. 


Fireworks-related eye injuries are frightening. Even what may seem to be harmless children’s fireworks, such as sparklers and bottle rockets, still produce sparks and debris that can enter the eye and even cause permanent blindness. A spark is a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire. Maintaining a safe distance from fire and emitted sparks is a good idea when dealing with any kind of explosive. Also, ash and embers can float in the air – so be aware of wind gusts and the direction the wind is blowing.  


Woodlands Eye Associates wants you to make safety your top priority this 4thof July, so if and when you do set off your own fireworks, please proceed with caution and remember these safety tips: 


  • Wear Safety Goggles: safety goggles can prevent injury and blindness. We highly recommend a pair when working with any explosives. 
  • Read the labels: fireworks do contain safety instructions! Read them! 
  • Have a plan: accidents happen, and if they happen this fourth of July, go directly to the closest and open emergency room. Do not rub your eye, apply pressure or rinse the injury. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. 
  • Use common sense: do not light fireworks when children are nearby, do not aim firework toward a person, and think before you light anything! 


At Woodlands Eye Associates, your eye health, safety and comfort are our top priority. You can reach us at either of our two convenient locations in The Woodlands. Panther Creek Shopping Center or Medical Plaza Drive. Visit us online for more information!

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