Perspectives: The Woodlands Through the Eyes of a 3-Year-Old

Published 07/15/2019


My three-and-a-half-year-old gazed at me with wide, blue eyes when I asked her what she would do if she got to call the shots for a day. While she may be my fourth child, she displays leadership like a first born. She started ordering the rest of the family, “Hurry up! Get dressed! Let’s go!” My question was a bit lost in translation; all three-year-olds when asked what they would want to do that day of course think it means, “This is exactly what we will do today.”

After we sorted it out (and freed up the day so we could participate in some of her chosen activities), she gladly plopped down on the couch next to me and began to list what she would do for a day here in The Woodlands, start to finish.

1. First, she would venture to Dosey Doe’s in Alden Bridge. All the wait staff there know her and love her big smile, and they make sure to keep her chocolate milk cup filled. And her breakfast of choice at our family’s favorite spot to eat? A side of scrambled eggs, please.

2. Next, put on your bathing suit and and sunscreen (and in her case, floaties), because you’re heading to a pool. She’s just started to learn how to swim from the stairs to the wall of the pool alone, so she looks for every opportunity she can to swim. When I asked her which pool she would want to swim in, she just looked at me and said, “A pool!” Obviously, when you’re three and eager to get out of the house, any pool will do.

3. After some morning swimming she suggested The Woodlands Children’s Museum. She loves playing dress up and then pushing her shopping cart around the pretend grocery store. This time of imaginative play will work up quite the appetite...

4. ...which brings us to lunch. When given the opportunity to dine anywhere in town, she confidently responded she would like “Chick-fil-A with nuggets, fruit and lemonade.”

5. My daughter is still a napper, which means post-lunch her eyelids are heavy and she becomes less like a princess and more like an angry dragon if she doesn’t get her rest. As an adult, naps are one of my favorite things I rarely get to do, so this is one of my favorite things on her itinerary.

6. When she is well-rested and her energy tank is again full, it’s off to the park, and again, any park will do. There’s nothing in particular she wants to do besides run around. It’s always fun to bring bubbles or a soccer ball to play with too.

7. She then requested a water balloon fight to finish her activities for the day. We’ve started having water balloon fights at our house more often this summer, and it’s one of her favorite things. We call over the neighbors or family, fill laundry baskets to the brim with balloons, and just go nuts for awhile. But watch out, while she may be small...she is quite fierce with a water balloon in her hand.

8. I asked her where she would eat dinner on her perfect day and she looked at me dumbfounded. “Chick-fil-A,” she said with a bit of firmness to her tone, as if I should have already known.

And there it is, the perfect day for a three-year-old in The Woodlands.

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