Dr. Birken’s Core Supplements Recommendations

By: Birken Medical Aesthetics | Published 07/18/2019


Dr. Birken recommends the following supplements for all:

1. Vitamin D – studies show a lower risk for heart disease and lower risk for breast cancer. D can help with energy and metabolism

2. B Complex – many of us have difficulty methylated our B vitamins. This supplement has effects on energy by increasing cellular mitochondrial function

3. Indole Forte – this contains two molecules – DIM and Indole 3 carbinol. Recent research shows a lower risk for breast cancer in women and lower risk for prostate cancer in men. Additionally, there are benefits on our cardiovascular system. Preliminary studies show a possible reduction in colon cancer.

4. Probiotic – We are exposed to many different toxins in our food, water, and in the air. Probiotic can detoxify many of these pollutants while providing gastrointestinal balance.

5. Turmeric – This supplement has many benefits – decreased inflammation, lower risk for Alzheimer, and possible cancer prevention.

6. Fish oil – omega 3 fish oil has protection on the cardiovascular system including lower blood pressure and reduction in triglycerides.

7. Arterosil – This is recommended for everyone over 45 and for anyone with a strong history for heart disease/stroke, diabetes, and hypertension. New studies reveal a significant reduction in plaque, the main cause for heart disease and stroke, within two months after starting Arterosil.

Dr. Birken carries pharmaceutical grade supplements. If interested, call the office at 281-419-3231 and press option 2 or email at info@drbirken.com

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