Perspectives: The Woodlands Through the Eyes of an 8-Year-Old

Published 07/29/2019


Ah! I’m so sorry for the skipped “Perspectives” blog last week. The nasty, awful, no-good, terrible stomach bug that has been creeping through The Woodlands hit our family, and hit us hard. I was down for the count nursing little ones back to health, and then in a turn of awful events, I was struck with the bug for the second time. Needless to say, writing a blog was the last thing on my mind. 

But I’m back! And this week we’re taking a tour through The Woodlands with my adventurous eight-year-old. I hope you’re well-rested for his day, because it’s an active one. 


  1. For breakfast, stop by Dosey Doe’s Alden Bridge Coffeshop. Order the waffle combo with a chocolate milk. Don’t forget lots of syrup. 

  2. When you’re fueled up, head to one of the many fields in the area to play some football. He loves playing at Alden Bridge Sports Park, Gosling Sports fields, or on one of the practice fields at the high schools. He said if you’re feeling really athletic, run some laps on the track to help you get faster at sports. 

  3. After some football, pick up your soccer ball. You can play at any of the local fields or in the backyard with family and friends. 

  4. Lunch is at Which Wich, where he suggests the grilled cheese sandwich and a large water with lots of ice. Or, “if you’re mom is really nice, she may let you have a root beer.”

  5. After lunch, grab your fishing gear and head to Lake Woodlands for some catch and release fishing. If you need any fishing supplies, stop by Academy Sports and Outdoors and get what you need. 

  6. No outdoor day is complete without some swimming! The Bear Branch Pool has a really fun slide, but “any pool is awesome for doing cannonballs.”

  7. For dinner, head to Denny’s for a “big” stack of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and of course, more chocolate milk. 

  8. Next, head to one of the local playgrounds. Bear Branch Park “has a bumpy slide that is really fun to slide down,” and the playground at Gosling Sports Fields has a big jungle gym that he loves to turn into an obstacle course. 

  9. Grab your baseball bat and round out your day with a little pick-up game with family and friends. 


Enjoy your outdoor adventures in The Woodlands through the eyes of an eight-year-old! 

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