Saddle and Tack Cabinet


Now, I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have a horse. I wish I had a horse. Maybe I should get a horse. Does The Woodlands even allow horses?  This cabinet was created for a wonderful client of ours to store their horse’s saddles and other tack equipment. Beautifully crafted, as is our goal, this cabinet pairs beauty with function to serve the purpose that is intended. Now we at Faust Home Improvements know that most of our clients do not own horses or other large hooved animals but that is beside the point. Our hope is to shows our ability to take on projects covering a wide range of functions all while delivering an aesthetically pleasing product. In this case, we believed we delivered. What about yourself? Are there any special projects you had in mind? If so, we at Faust Home Improvements would love to work alongside you to make it happen.  

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