Brainstorming Content Ideas For Your Website

By: ITVibes, Inc | Published 08/15/2019

Brainstorming Content Ideas for Your Website

Writer’s block happens to everyone from time to time. Whether it’s writing a novel or a text message, sometimes you just don’t know what to say. While it’s certainly annoying, writer’s block can become a real problem when it comes to consistently producing content ideas for websites. Is it better to rush to publish something even if it’s terrible, or take even longer to develop a genuinely good idea?

Users generally prefer quality over quantity, and Google’s more recent algorithms are no exception. An SEO plan that succeeds in the long term should depend more on well-written blog posts and webpages rather than fluff content or keyword stuffing. But what if you can’t come up with any good topics to write effectively about? Maybe these brainstorming strategies will help inspire you to keep writing.

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List A Bunch Of Relevant Data With Links

Let’s say your blog is focused on computer maintenance. Your readers will probably appreciate a list of the top 20 low-cost antivirus programs or 15 places to buy a laptop cleaning kit. Provide links to each external source to boost your SEO score as well. Not only will your readers find the information useful, but you also have the potential for backlinks with this strategy.

Address Recent News, Good Or Bad

Continuing the computer maintenance example, imagine that Microsoft or Apple suddenly announced a fantastic upgrade that any technology lover would get excited for. Alternatively, imagine that either software giant was forced to admit that their users’ data was massively compromised. Either story is sure to capture a lot of attention, and you can use that attention to your advantage. Address the story, linking to a trusted source, and provide your opinion or take on what’s happening. Not only will this attract organic traffic to your website as people search for the story, but it will also enhance your online reputation as an expert in your field.

Pro Tip: Based on previous trends in your field, you can also use your website to make predictions about upcoming developments. This will further show you as an expert in your topic.

Revisit Previous Topics

Which of your previous posts did really well? Pick a couple of the most high-ranking articles on your website and write a follow-up or updated version of the original. This strategy will bring in traffic as people search for this interesting topic again, as well as show that you like to continue monitoring relevant trends. Alternatively, see if your old newsletters contain any interesting nuggets you can turn into a blog post, or see if an old blog post can become a newsletter article. Your own website’s archives can be a gold mine of inspiration!

Quality Over Quantity

Finally, remember that people love great content. Many short blog posts on very specific topics might show that you post frequently, but readers prefer “meaty” content over short pieces. See if you can compile multiple small, related topics into a long-form blog post instead. Your audience will be satisfied with the useful information, and Google will recognize your page as a good source.

Get Inspired!

Creativity is a valuable gift for anyone working in the web design or writing industry. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect gift. Sometimes you just can’t think of anything else to say. Fortunately, you have plenty of ways to get inspired and come up with excellent content ideas for your websites. What will you write next?

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