Proper Backpack use and Backpack Posture

By: Woodlands Family Chiropractic | Published 08/19/2019


The spotlight today is on proper backpack use and backpack posture... with school starting back up, this can be a huge contributing factor in causing back pain and issues. This is directed towards both kids and adults who use backpacks in their everyday lives.

Improper backpack usage and posture can cause a variety of issues across the body... ranging from the neck, shoulders, back, hips and even knees. We will be naming the main points to make sure you have on you checklist for your kids or on yourself in order to limit these issues.

1.) Right size backpack for your body.
2.) Avoid putting to much in the backpack (15% of your bodyweight).
3.) Making sure the backpack is hanging around the middle of your back.
4.) Backpack straps on both shoulders.
5.) Choosing wider straps to protect the shoulders.

You should be able to stand upright with no backwards pull and no lean. If this is happening then adjustments need to be made. This is key in making sure the best possibly posture is held.

Remember even though this may seem like a very minor thing. These factors do add up over time and make a difference.

These are great illustrations to follow and remind yourself with.

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