Sandblasting as a way to create signs

Published 08/19/2019


Sandblasting is a method of adding dimension, interest, and durability to a sign. The raised design is cut out in a grove generally in high grade treated redwood or cedar. Logos, lettering and often borders are carved out with added color indented into the finished product.

Sandblasted signs can be made in Pebble or Wood Grain finishes. The Wood Grain finish gives the sign a rustic look and the Pebble finish is a bit more refined/leather like finish. Interest is created by raising the design to give a 3-D effect. High density urethane (HDU) foam can be used in place of wood. It is a synthetic versatile material that can be made to look like a wood finish.

The dimensional effect in sandblasted signs is created by blasting a sign blank covered by a rubber mask. A rubber mask is cut from the digital design. The sections of the sign which are to be sandblasted are removed from the mask, protecting the raised areas and exposing the areas to be sandblasted. Sandblasting is created when an air and sand mixture is contained at high pressure and forced through a nozzle blasting away everything it hits. The mask will protect any exposure to areas of the sign from the sandblasting. The final product leaves a natural wood finish or textured surface in foam. Primer may be added to coat the sign in a protected layer against weather challenges and increase durability.

Many outdoor signs are created in sandblasting. Examples include apartment complexes, community residential subdivision signage, shopping center directories, business park entrance signs, restaurants, church signs, and golf course signage.

How many signs do you notice in the community are done this way? Now that you know the format we bet you notice many signs that have caught your attention as you drive by! Image 360 may have completed the signs you see every day. 

We can custom design any sign or choose from some projects that we've done that you like. Image 360 comes to you!

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