Trade shows and Expo Signage

Published 09/19/2019

Trade Show or Expo Banners

Attending trade shows and expos helps a business market to a specific target audience while investigating the competition and building relationships with new customers for your product or service. They are attending the expo with purchasing in mind for personal or professional reasons-so you need to catch their attention!

With so many exhibitors in one location, often just in one day, the visual stimulus can be overwhelming. Put yourself in the place of an attendee. What attracts you when you go to the County Fair, the Nutcracker Market, or the Houston Rodeo? Those are large venues with so much to see, if you don’t have the correct banner, signage, vertical sign or (the right people) you lose business quickly.

Some ways you can catch the attention of attendees is through color usage, the  size of your signage, and quality marketing literature to hand to people that come by your booth. Image 360 can design anything within your budget with our experienced graphic designers and our knowledge of working in the business for nearly 15 years serving the local community. Be creative, but simple.

Retractable banners for tabletops in sizes 5 x 7 or 10 x 20 are easy to carry, convenient, and price as low as $200! Have an idea in mind but don’t know how to sketch it out our bring it to life? We can do it for you at your location within your budget.

Get ready now to make a professional lasting impression before your next expo with assistance from Image 360!

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