How Legal Professionals Save Money on Office Overhead

By: Office Evolution | Published 09/25/2019


Coworking spaces are often synonymous with tech-minded startups and solopreneurs, but it turns out that the concept is also ideal for solo lawyers and small firms. 

As coworking spaces are becoming more mainstream and their benefits more widely recognized, solo law firms should consider holding their current office setup in contempt.
How Coworking Reduces Overhead for Law Firms

A coworking space is ideal for professionals who want good visibility but don’t need a lot of space to do business, and solo lawyers and small firms seamlessly fit the mold. 

Rather than pour money into a traditional office space in a high-end district and take on the costs of furnishing and maintaining the office, lawyers pay only for the space they need. Here’s a quick look at the benefits coworking provides while slashing overhead costs.

Good Location

Coworking makes having a professional office affordable. Solo lawyers can compete with larger firms by planting themselves in a high-end area without having to pay a premium price for real estate. 

Administrative Support

Most coworking spaces offer secretarial or administrative support, such as answering phones, taking messages, or greeting clients. This can be especially beneficial to your credibility if you don’t already have a paralegal or secretary on your payroll. 

On-Demand Meeting Spaces

Having your own meeting space in a traditional office can be expensive. Not only do you need the right furniture and equipment, but you’re also paying for that extra square footage, even when you’re not using it. 

If you’re working from home, your kitchen table may double as a conference room more often than you like. Meeting in a local coffee shop doesn’t offer much confidentiality, and renting meeting space at a hotel can be expensive. 

Most coworking spaces offer on-demand meeting rooms for client face time. In addition, some coworking spaces may have video conferencing technology so you can depose clients remotely. It’s a major time-saver and convenience to have a conference room on-site versus meeting at your home or trying to find a space on short notice. 

Private Office Space

Coworking isn’t just about shared desks and open floor plans. Most companies offer private office space for rent to maintain confidentiality and provide your clients peace of mind.



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