Increase Consumption of Onions and Garlic May Decrease the Risk for Breast Cancer

By: Birken Medical Aesthetics | Published 10/12/2019


Onions  and garlic are part of the allium genus, along with leeks,  chives , and hundreds of other species.

Rich in flavor, with a strong, pungent kick, these "feisty" vegetables may also be able to  fight off diseases , such as  diabetes ,  heart disease , and  cancer , according to emerging evidence.

In regards to cancer, several studies have specifically explored the links between onion and garlic consumption and the risk of colorectal, stomach, and  prostate cancers .

Overall, these studies have found that the more people consume these vegetables, the lower their risk of developing these cancers.

Now, researchers believe that increase consumption of these vegetables lowers the risk for breast cancer as well.

"This is an interesting study done on a Puerto Rican population," Dr. Birken said. "Also, Puerto Ricans consume a condiment called 'sofrito,' which consists largely of garlic and onion. Sofrito was linked to a 67% lower risk for breast cancer."

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