Promotional Giveways

Published 10/15/2019


When you attend trade shows, expos, or festivals having promotional merchandise for giveaways is a great way to keep the brand in front of your targeted population. It is more memorable if the item is useful and relates to your business. Examples are a magnet with cooking measurements for a grocery store, a tape measure for Home Depot, or a dustpan and broom for a maid service. Creativity, a fun element, and innovation will be remembered if it makes sense for your business and is in alignment with your services or products.

Promotional products help the consumer remember your business and brand that business in the community. The more you see it, the more likely you are to remember the name. Who doesn’t like items that are free and even better if they are useful!

There are several items that are the most sought after that include portable chargers for mobile phones, phone stands, phone wallets, and PopSockets for your phone. Useful with visibility are the key to a great promotional item. And promotional products really do work! Consumers are estimated to keep products for an average of 8 months. That is eight months of seeing your name on something they use.

The key to a successful promotional item is to have your business name, contact information, and making it useful through touch. The more an item is held, the stronger the connection will be with your business and remembered.

A fun item might be sunglasses that change colors from white to one of 5 colors when exposed to sunlight. Useful, fun, and remembered! Talk to Angela Schimmels directly and set up an appointment to get your “wow” promotional item now before the rush at (281) 910-0843.

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