Your weekly irrigation recommendations - Week of 10/28/19 - 11/03/19

By: Woodlands Water | Published 10/28/2019



Turn off your irrigation system until April! Manually operate if you must.
Turn grass is going dormant. Irrigation now may cause fungal infections that won't be noticeable until the spring or early summer.

Some residents have converted part or all of their yard to native and adapted plants. Many of these are going dormant as well. Mulch, but don't water. There will be adequate rain during the winter to provide moisture for plant roots.
I've been getting a lot of calls about rain barrels. The Woodlands Green is offering them at a deep discount over retail prices. Plus, residents can get a 50% rebate on their water bill from Woodlands Water. To order yours, go to
Barrels will be distributed Saturday, Nov. 9 at the 3-R Bazaar to be held at The Woodlands Farmers Market.

Remember, it's not how much you water, but how efficiently you water. The typical residence in The Woodlands uses 10,000 gallons per month, less if it rains. If you have an average-sized lot and are using more than 10,000 gallons per month, you are probably over-watering. Over-watering can cause as much damage as under-watering.

St. Augustine grass is a warm season grass. During warmer months (June, July, August, September) it requires no more than an inch of water a week. This one inch can be in the form of rainwater, irrigation water or a combination of both. If irrigation is recommended, then put down a half-inch on each zone on your first watering night of the week, and then another half-inch on your second night. If you're not familiar with your watering days, please check the Defined Irrigation Schedule.

This is a recommendation only. It is intended to reduce waste of our vital water supply. We understand that rainfall events vary across The Woodlands and suggest installing a gauge at your home to accurately measure your rainfall. Alternately, a rain sensor or Smart Controller offer even greater accuracy. The decision to irrigate is at the discretion of our residents. However, the Defined Irrigation Schedule is still in effect, and residents who choose to irrigate should do so according to the DIS.

Some Water Saving Tips
Pay attention to rainfall.The Woodlands receives about 50 inches per year.
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Use cycle and soak to prevent runoff.
Make sure your soil is not compacted and that water can penetrate at least six inches.
Insure that you have a healthy microbial population in your soil.
 Monitor your outdoor water use.
Don't just "set and forget" your controller. 
Check here for your 50% rebate on rain barrels, native plants, smart controllers, drip irrigation and rain gauges.


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