The (hopefully not) Last Straw

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 11/01/2019


Who would have thought that a simple plastic straw would become an object of such controversy? In a world where there are so many issues that need to be addressed, somehow, we have all fixated on something seemingly easy to cut back on. But is it that easy? Many people need to use a straw. Many others simply enjoy drinking through a straw. We have been taught that it is better for our teeth to drink tea through a straw to avoid staining. I taught my kids to drink through a straw very early so that they could use regular cups with lids when we went out to dinner. Now, these very straws have become controversial. I know that when I sit down at an eating establishment and they bring me my iced tea with a cardboard straw, I cringe. It tastes funny. It is going to be mushy in about 10 minutes. It brings back memories of elementary school cafeterias when I had to drink milk out of a cardboard carton...... to continue reading please go to

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