Could Cannabis Be the “Holy Oil” Described In the Bible?

By: Ojas CBD | Published 11/03/2019


Recipe for Holy Oil

Exodus 30: 22-36


Fragrant Cinnamon
Fragrant Cane (Kaneh-Bosm)
Olive oil
This holy oil was used by Jesus and his disciples when anointing the sick, the troubled, and the poor. Lesions; pain from gout, arthritis, and other similar ailments; leprosy and “Hand of Ghost” (potentially what we now call epilepsy). These maladies were often referenced in the Bible and Jesus and his followers performed miracles, often with the use of holy oil.

There are some scholars who believe that some aid may have stemmed specifically from kaneh-bosum. Why? Because it was cannabis. There have been several studies which have shown relief in many of the previously listed pains through the introduction of cannabis, and more specifically, from the CBD compound. If the fragrant cane is actually cannabis, we can see how holy oil helped in the healing and treatment of symptoms.

Now, of course, there are scholars who don’t agree with this link. For example, Lytton John Musselman of Old Dominion University thinks it is more likely the ingredient is Calamus, not cannabis. “Calamus is a very important component of Ayurvedic medicine and has been shown to have [medicinal] efficacy.”

Most of the evidence supporting the cannabis theory come from non-canonical texts. These are the texts which were not chosen to be included in the Bible, like the gnostic texts. It is in these texts we find multiple references to anointing with oils and the importance of holy oil to Jesus.

Whether or not cannabis is an active ingredient in holy oil is an interesting source of speculation, though it remains unproven. What we do know is that cannabis, and more specifically CBD, can be used topically and has been shown to help with a myriad of ailments from muscle pain to seizures. So while we can wonder and debate the addition of cannabis to Jesus’ already inspiring miracles, we know for certain that the efficacy of CBD is undergoing multiple studies which support its use for the people of now.

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