Benefits of CBD for Your Pets

By: Ojas CBD | Published 11/25/2019


Many people would do anything for their pets. Deluxe grooming, special treats, belly scratches at six in the morning. Which is why we suffer when our pets suffer. Watching a beloved pet wrestle with pain, seizures, anxiety, and even cancer can feel like a daily punch to the gut.

While CBD oil is new, there’s a lot of surprising anecdotal evidence that it can help those in-pain pooches and furious felines. More and more pet owners are trying CBD oil with their pets and the results are optimistic.

Is it safe to give CBD oil to my pet?
Research is still ongoing regarding the safety and efficacy of CBD oil in pets. However, most of it is promising. As a pet owner, the concern shouldn’t be on the CBD, but on the product. Where was it manufactured? Is it pesticide, fungicide, and solvent-free? High-quality oils make all the difference. You will find only the highest quality CBD oils at Ojas CBD.

How will it help my pet?
Many pet owners are seeing significant relief in things like anxiety, pain, inflammation, bowel disease, seizures, and even appetite stimulation in their pets. Like humans, CBD oil in pets can help mitigate symptoms of a variety of health problems. Does Fido fear thunderstorms? A small dose of CBD can help him calm down. Arthritis, IBS, and cancer in pets can cause long-term pain and depression. Adding CBD to your pet’s regime may help ease those heartbreaking symptoms.

How much should I give my pet?
Like humans, there isn’t a daily recommended dose of CBD oil for pets. We recommend starting at a low dose and working your way up. A proper dose should provide relief for pets for two or three hours. As you begin, be sure to monitor effects and check with your veterinarian.

As marijuana is legalized in more and more places, products relating to it will become increasingly mainstream. CBD, a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant, is just such a product. With continued interest in CBD products, it is almost guaranteed we’ll see more research regarding efficacy and uses, both in people and in our fur babies. Please do not give your pets CBD products with THC or terpenes. Ojas CBD pet formula is free of both.

At Ojas CBD, we are happy to help you pick a CBD product for your four-legged friend. Call us at (346) 351-1213 or use our online contact form. Of course, you can come in and talk to us too!

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