The Foodie Club Holiday Giveaway!

Published 12/04/2019


Everyone likes a free meal, right? This year, Kerry Stessel, Food Blogger with over 40,000 members on The Woodlands Spring,TX. Foodie Club Facebook page, has created a Foodie Club Holiday Giveaway for the next 35+ days!

Each day will spotlight a restaurant on the cover page of his Foodie Facebook with a giveaway. To WIN BIG you must LIKE their page, SHARE their page, and GUESS a number between 1 – 40,000 in the comments section of the daily post. At the end of the day, a random computer generated number will announce the winner who guesses close to the number drawn WITHOUT going over will win the PRIZE donated by the daily spotlight and provide information to claim your prize. FREE FOOD!

Restaurants can still enter by sending a Private FB Message to Restaurant Owners Club (aka ROC) with name of Business, Contact information, Amount of Gift card ($50 is minimum), Business Website, and cell of Business Owner.

Great exposure for your restaurants during the Holidays and who doesn't like FREE FOOD! 

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