Christmas Gifts for Clients

Published 12/10/2019


Do you shop gifts for your clients at Christmas? It is important to put some thought into the right item that collaborates with your brand, ethics, and makes your client feel worthy of your attention.

The right item can help them remember you and your business year-round, especially if it is functional. If the client has been with you for a period of time and makes a substantial investment in your business, a $50 value is recommended.  Giving gifts to your clients shows them you value your relationship and want to go the extra distance to keep them.

Some gifts that are appreciated include plants for their office, phone chargers, a beautiful coffee table book that is meaningful, catering a lunch for the office, or professional notebooks with your logo may be items to consider. Business gifts are tax deductible expenses, but you can only deduct $25 for each person annually.

Employees always feel more appreciated when you go beyond what is expected and get them a gift in appreciation for their trust and dependability throughout the year. Messenger bags with company logo, a logo shirt, a unique coffee mug, an emergency preparedness kit (we do have weather issues), and an extra day off with pay! An employer can give an employee up to $500 in non-cash gifts annually before the gift is taxable.

Angela at Image 360 can assist with personalizing the item specific to your needs, but you need to schedule time to do this soon! Angela Schimmels may be reached at (281) 910-0843.

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