2020 Arrives In Style

By: Lighthouse Technologies | Published 01/09/2020


In years past, we have sent out client gifts and cards.  This year, it was really on our hearts to donate to the Montgomery and Harris County Food banks.

They do excellent work and you can click here to see more if you would like.

Thank you for your support and business in 2019. We were very happy to be able to give back to our community!

We hope you've already started to make excellent progress on your New Year's goals.

We're looking forward to all of the new automation technologies that are going to make life more fun and easier.

While many lighting options have been out for a few years now, we thought we'd share some pictures from an LED banister lighting installation we just completed for a client of ours.

If your 2020 goals include lighting, audio, or new automation experiences in your home or business, we're here and happy to help.

Thank you for making 2019 a great year and for inviting us into your lives through the technology solutions we provide!

Here's looking forward to an amazing and incredible decade filled with wonder, excitement, health, and prosperity.

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