Text Neck

By: Woodlands Family Chiropractic | Published 01/30/2020


Today we will discuss the dreadful "TEXT NECK". We all get ourselves in this position, and most of the time we don't even know that we are doing it... or simply do not know the proper posture while in this position.

Remember repetitive motions, especially if done incorrectly, cause long term issues. This is one can produce ongoing symptoms and even damage to the spine!

FACTS: The average weight of an individual’s head is around 12 pounds in the proper position. As seen in the image, when you move your neck in a downward flexed angle you increase the weight of your head. Naturally this will put more STRESS on your neck, shoulders and upper back.

This makes the surrounding muscles compensate and work harder in order to keep the head from falling... therefore individuals will experience (tightness, tension, stiffness, or even pain) from being in this position constantly.

Continued postural distortions lead to distortions to the spine where it gets locked up. When that happens you can’t exercise or massage your way out of it, and if left if leads to damage to the spine.

Sooooo... use proper posture and visit a chiropractor to ensure good spinal health!

**Proper posture of using your phone to stay away from "Text Neck"... bring your phone up to your chest, which allows it to be more at eye level. Make sure you bring your elbows up on your sides, this will give you more support. This will also reduce the forward head tilt, and relax the neck and shoulder muscles.

Kevin Keyes DC Ryan Roeder

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