What Do I Do Now That the June SAT Is Cancelled?

By: Woodlands Test Prep | Published 04/23/2020


The SAT will next be offered on August 29th and then once a month through December.

  • If you’ve already prepared, keep your skills sharp between now and the August SAT by taking practice tests and evaluating your progress.  You can schedule a few practice tests with us with our Test Flight Club.  Take a proctored test using official materials and receive a detailed score report afterwards.  Then have the opportunity to participate in a two-hour group tutoring session to get specific personal feedback on their test with one of our most experienced tutors.  Right now, Test Flight Club is online with a live proctor, and when we can, we’ll meet in person. You can see all the dates and details here.
  • If you still need to prepare, you can either prepare now - while life is somewhat predictable - or wait until June or July if that’s better.  You have choices!
  • No matter what - plan to register for the August and later SATs right away when registration opens in May!  The College Board has not yet released what day registration will open; however, when it does, students who were registered for the June administration will have a one-week head start to register (as will students who have not yet taken any SAT).  We expect demand to be heavy so be sure to register early and often!
  • Many schools will schedule and hold School Day SAT dates in the fall.  While we don’t have any exact dates, we expect many local schools who were not able to hold their spring School Day SAT dates to reschedule for fall 2020, as well as some new schools who have never held one before.


As always, Woodlands Test Prep is here to help you think through what makes the best sense for you and your student.  Please let us know how we can help!  Contact us at 713-205-1807 or www.woodlandstestprep.com.

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