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By: Avante Laser & MediSpa | Published 05/11/2020

A lot has changed in a few short weeks.  We scheduled you and rescheduled you as the date to open has been set and reset.  But the day is finally here!  We are open for business and taking appointments to begin on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.  Thank you all for your patience!
Our #1 priority is the safety of our clients and our employees.  At this time we have made a commitment to follow our governing agencies and the guidance of our Medical Director.  Avante reports to the Texas Medical Board (TMB) and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).
Most items/procedures listed below are not new to Avante.  As a Medical Spa we have always been held to high standard of cleanliness and have always adhered to the guidelines of sanitation required by the licenses we hold.  We are committed to our clients and our profession to continue to adhere to these and will do our best to even kick it up a notch.
  Below is what you can expect when returning to Avante, which encompasses Minimun Standard Health Protocols as outlined by the TDLR.  Please know we do not intend for any of this to be burdensome so we will do our best to keep things as simple as possible while maintaining health and safety precautions.  We also believe many of these restrictions will be lifted as the weeks pass.
1. All Avante employees either have been or will be COVID-19 tested prior to returning to work.  
2. Masks, gloves and when necessary, face shields, will be worn while treating clients.  
3. We are requesting clients wear their personal face masks when entering the facility.  Your temperature will be taken and a simple form will need to be signed acknowledging you have not recently been out of the country, nor have you come in contact with anyone with COVID-19.  Any temperature reading of 99 degrees or above will require you to reschedule your appointment.  We ask that you arrive at your appointed time and your service provider will meet you in the lobby and escort you back to the treatment room.  Should a situation arise where you must wait a few minutes, we will practice the recommended social distancing rules of 6 feet. As we all know, many of our procedures do not allow for the client to keep a face mask on, so once in the treatment room it can be removed.
4. Avante will be using as many disposable items as possible.
5. Additional time will be added to most procedures to allow for thorough sanitizing between clients.  
6. At this time we ask that no extra people be brought into the clinic.  Parents bringing their children for treatment are the exception of course.
7. For the time being, we ask all clients to let the staff know if they are interested in a product to purchase so the staff member can retrieve it.
Our goal is to have covered everything, but we are realistic that things may change on what could be a day by day basis.  As things change, we will make the necessary adjustments as we do our best to keep you safe in our home away from home at Avante. 
So if you've read all the way through this, thank you. I know it was long, but there was much to cover. But let us leave everything on a much lighter note.  We want to wish all of the Mom's, Grandmothers, Step Moms, Sisters, Aunts and Special Women a very Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!
We hope each of you enjoy the precious gift these women bring to your families.  Moms are a true blessing and many go unnoticed as the cook, house keeper, teacher, nurse, handyman, maid, security, coordinator, supervisor, manager, secretary, nutritionist, caretaker, personal assistant, life coach, bookkeeper, laundry maid, taxi driver, and motivational speaker.
So hug (yes I said hug) your Mom this Sunday!  Let her know just how much she means to you and so many others.  Let Sunday be her day and make it one for her to remember!
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And stayed tuned for some exciting new things coming your way from Avante!
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