We Are Servicing COVID-19 Presumptive/Positive Clients

By: Always Best Care Senior Services | Published 05/12/2020



We Are Servicing COVID-19 Presumptive/Positive Clients (evaluated on an individual basis)

We Provide:
• Coordination of care
• Trained staff on the coronavirus
• Caregivers with PPE supplies
• A quarantine plan for the client and their family
• Hazard pay to caregivers

How We Can Assist Your Organization:
• In-home care providers can transition non-COVID-19 patients out of the hospitals
• Home-based providers can remotely conduct pre-acute COVID-19 monitoring at patients’ homes
• In-home care can support COVID-19 patients post-discharge
• Home-based providers can deliver care in dedicated COVID-19 facilities

Always Best Care is working on the front lines with healthcare organizations.

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