What Do I Do Now That the June SAT Is Cancelled? Part 2

By: Woodlands Test Prep | Published 05/18/2020


Consider taking the ACT in June and/or July!  Taking the ACT doesn’t commit you to sending those scores to colleges (you should never send your scores until you’re ready to send your applications in the fall), but it does give you options! If you’ve prepared for the SAT, you’ve learned the fundamental strategies that (for the most part) can translate to both tests. To help students open up their options, Woodlands Test Prep is hosting an "ACT Transition Class" at the beginning of June that will turn your SAT preparation into ACT preparation!


As always, Woodlands Test Prep is here to help you think through what makes the best sense for you and your student.  Please let us know how we can help!  Contact us at 713-205-1807 or www.woodlandstestprep.com.

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