Law Office of Marc Meyer at Office Evolution of The Woodlands

Published 06/02/2020

Law Office of Marc Meyer

The Spotlight partner for May is Marc Meyer, of the Law Office of Marc Meyer. Marc is known around Montgomery County as the Chair of the Democratic Party, but there are many more layers to Marc.

Marc attended Cornell University for his undergraduate degree in Biology, He continued his education with a master’s degree in Biochemistry from Texas A&M. Marc is a registered nurse and practiced from 1998-2011. He obtained his law degree in 2009 from South Texas College of Law. But that’s not all, Marc was a paramedic/EMT for 25 years, retired from the City of Houston Fire Department as a Captain in 2011 and now has his legal practice focuses on Administrative Law dealing with State Agencies, primarily representing nurses, physicians, and healthcare practitioners.

Marc works regularly with the Texas Board of Nursing, The Texas Medical Board, and allied healthcare licensing boards to assist with regulating and licensing compliance. His practice has cases involving disciplinary actions and hearings under the Texas Occupation Code and the Administrative Procedures Act. This includes extensive litigation at the State Office of Administrative Hearings, and independent state agency not directly affiliated with any licensing agency. He has significant experience in medical billing, compliance, and management roles in healthcare.

Marc’s legal office, Law Office of Marc Meyer, PLLC is inside Office Evolution of The Woodlands. He moved to that office from a larger space nearby to be in a friendly environment that is also a quiet sanctuary with as much space as you need when you need it. He has his office for holing up and doing his work, the conference room or additional offices as needed and a kitchen with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, refrigeration, and heating opportunities. He has access to the many diversified restaurants steps away where he can partake for himself or continue his conversation with business clients over a meal.

Recently, Marc has been assisting his wife, Sandra Thornton-Meyer  in her investments including a Coffee Shop in the Woodforest Community, “Roasted, powered by Hard Bean Coffee”. Although it is his wife’s business, Marc and his kids are incredibly involved. His son Matthew is the operating partner in Roasted and his daughter assists around the shop when she is able.

Roasted is an independent coffee shop affiliated with the Hard Bean Coffee co-op. Hard Bean Coffee works with coffee shops scattered throughout the country because “life is too short to drink bad coffee”. The co-op was created by Scott Bortz in Pennsylvania and works with Valerio Coffee Roasters of Audubon, PA. Valerio coffee beans  are grown above 1500 meters to enhance the smooth taste without the acid. According to their website, Hard Bean Coffee Houses feature single origin coffees unblended coffees from all around the world. Taste coffee from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, or from the hills of Mexico. Taste them daily at Roasted without breaking the bank. Follow their FB page at

There is even more about Marc Meyer. As Chair of the Democratic Party of Montgomery County for the past 5 years, his role was to encourage qualified democrats to run for elected positions. Late last year he decided to step down as Chair this coming August His position will expire in August and lead by example as a candidate for Judge of the newly created 457th District Court. Elections are in November and he may add one more duty to his legal, nurse, coffee entrepreneur, political role!

Contact Marc Meyer by email at or learn more by going to

Office Evolution is the contemporary, shared workplace provider now open at 525 Woodland Square Blvd, in Conroe off FM 1488 at Old Conroe Road in the Marcel Town Center. For more information, visit or call 936-270-1150. Follow them on Facebook,

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