2021 Escalade Revealed by Bayway Cadillac of The Woodlands

By: Bayway Cadillac of The Woodlands | Published 07/15/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX – “It holds together the classic Cadillac DNA, but it’s new. That’s the best of both worlds,” said Sales and Leasing Specialist Chase Mock.

Bayway Cadillac of The Woodlands revealed the 2021 Escalade, July 14. They were the first dealership to have the newest Escalade for an entire day. The public was able to view it through reservation.

Complete with a curved LED screen dash panel, high definition touch screens in the back, and an electronic short shift, as opposed to the typical side gear shift, this new model is fashionable and contemporary, yet still true to the time-honored style that is Escalade.

“It’s the latest technology, and it’s going to appeal to multiple markets,” Mock said. “Be it the classic lovers of the Cadillac, or the people who are just breaking into the segment … There’s nothing that says you’ve made it like owning an Escalade.”

Watch the video of Woodlands Online’s first look at the 2021 Escalade.

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