Life On Hold?

By: Barahona Consulting & Mediation | Published 09/15/2020


In spite of our best efforts, sometimes bad situations can get worse.  In the midst of this COVID 19 pandemic, there are certainly many couples contemplating divorce or who are in the midst of divorce and now feel stuck.  Many are living under Stay at Home orders with no guarantee of when this will end.  Be assured, however, there are steps that can be taken now to make things easier once this crisis has lifted.

Emotionally, divorce is difficult even in the most amicable of situations.  Many who divorce benefit from counseling.  If  COVID 19 has given you more time on your hands, check out the options for online counseling or divorce support groups.  A break from work might give you much needed time to work through the emotional process of divorce.

Finances can be devastated in a divorce.  Use this time to take stock of your current situation .  Check credit reports. Make sure your taxes have been filed.  It is essential to know the truth - even if it hurts.  Get information together that you will need, including statements for all accounts and your tax returns for the past 3 years.  Think about what would be an equitable way to divide your assets and liabilities.

If you are working with an attorney, ask him/her what you can do now to streamline the process later.

Mediation is an important part of the divorce process and you can certainly take care of it now.  Online mediation offers couples the opportunity to work through their settlement negotiations without having to wait indefinitely for this crisis to be over.  Furthermore, the settlement agreement can be effective immediately or on whatever date the divorcing parties choose.  No need to wait for the final decree!

Call us today if you would like to learn more about online divorce mediation.

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