Resolve To Solve

By: Barahona Consulting & Mediation | Published 09/18/2020


With the New Year in mind, let’s think about conflict.  Do you have conflict that has carried over into the New Year?  Are you tired of trying to resolve the problem with no willing or productive participation from the other side?  Perhaps it is time for a new resolution - RESOLVE TO SOLVE!

Of course making the resolution to solve conflict is the easy part.  It’s the HOW that can be a problem.  Whether your conflict is personal, like a divorce, or professional, as in a small business conflict, enlisting the services of a mediator,  a third-party neutral, can be the key to success.  

If both parties can at least agree to come to the table for a mediation, the mediator can facilitate discussion and help the parties craft an agreement that is mutually beneficial.  Mediation is almost always faster and less expensive than using the courts to solve an issue.  Furthermore, studies show that all parties are generally more satisfied with the outcome of a mediation than they are after a court decision. 

If you have an unresolved dispute, maybe it’s time  to RESOLVE TO SOLVE.  Divorce mediation can save you thousands of dollars and result in a mediated settlement agreement that you both can live comfortably with.  Small businesses can save a client relationships through mediation. Contact Kimberly Barahona at Barahona Consulting & Mediation to explore how we can assist you with your decision to RESOLVE TO SOLVE.

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