University of St. Thomas Opens Conroe Micro-Campus

By: Woodlands Online | Published 10/20/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The University of St. Thomas opened the doors to it’s new Conroe micro-campus October 20. The UST MAX center is located at 336 N. Main Street on the square in downtown Conroe.

View photos from the ribbon cutting ceremony here.

The University’s website states, “The UST MAX Center will serve several purposes, all with the same objective – to leverage a small footprint to expand the reach of UST’s mission and educational programs while helping Montgomery County grow … The 1,500 square-foot Micro-Campus will serve as a location to engage with Conroe through a variety of info-sessions and community events. These will center around existing online programs, veteran engagement events, athletics exhibitions, music events, a classroom space on site and much more. Through these events, residents will get a chance to learn about and enroll in our existing online programs, and we will learn what additional programs might have the greatest impact on their lives and careers. The space will also serve as an outpost for alumni who live in the area and for UST fundraising events.”

Learn more about the UST MAX Center, here.

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