Volunteer Spotlight - Tom Pisula and Karrie Sills

YES to YOUTH has recently started an after school tutoring program. Many kids come to BridgeWay below their grade level, and we are happy to have dedicated volunteers helping kids with homework every day.
If you are interested in becoming a BridgeWay tutor, please email sheila.king@youthmc.org.
This month we would like to spotlight Tom Pisula and Karrie Sills for spending time with the kids at Bridgeway shelter on Christmas Eve. We are so grateful for their generosity!
A heartfelt thank you to Sharon Sutton for donating her beautiful handmade crocheted blankets for children and their families we serve. One or our counselor's presented one to a client whose mom has dialysis three times a week. The blanket will provide her comfort and warmth during the long treatments.
Special thanks to Patti Rivela and her team of "elves" who purchased, wrapped and delivered personalized Christmas gifts for each kid at Bridgeway. Thank you Patti for making Christmas a magical event for our children!
Jenni Moyer and her team of angels opened her home and gave the shelter kids a special holiday dinner. And as a bonus, the event included a shopping trip for all, as each one received a gift card to Academy, too! Thank you, Jenni!
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