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ICYMI: Brady Talks Biden Border Crisis

By: U.S. Representative Kevin Brady | Published 03/09/2021


"The ‘Biden Border Crisis’, as we call it in Texas, is going to have a real impact, no doubt."


Today, Congressman Kevin Brady joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss the Biden Border Crisis currently overwhelming our southern border.


Click here to watch the full interview. 


On the surge of migrants:


"If you're not on the border, you don't understand it. I mean, the fivefold increase in unaccompanied kids, plus as you've said the tripling of the migrants being apprehended, it is causing a crisis not just within the government, but within the non-profits, the churches, the others along the border that are tasked with taking care of these [migrants].


"Especially now that catch and release has been reinstated – now that those applying for refugee status aren’t waiting in Mexico but are being released in the U.S. – it’s causing a huge problem, and it’s going to get worse."


On President Trump's smart policies:


"President Trump was very clear to Central America and others, ‘do not send your kids here alone, keep them there, apply from your host country on this’. It made much more sense. 


"It is a little frustrating, I have to admit, under President Trump we were ‘putting kids in cages’, now the same facilities are simply ‘migrant facilities’." 


On the danger Texas faces:


"It’s not just the human trafficking side, unfortunately. We see a lot of sex trafficking and Houston is the largest sex trafficking region because of our proximity [to the border]. It only gets worse during these surges. And you do have the criminal element, the drug trafficking as well. Look, states like ours pay a very steep price for this."


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