ICYMI: Congressman Brady on Houston's Morning News

By: U.S. Representative Kevin Brady | Published 03/12/2021


ICYMI: Congressman Brady joined Houston’s Morning News on KTRH to discuss the Democrats' socialist agenda, partisan stimulus bill, and more.

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On the partisan stimulus bill:

"The COVID stimulus bill is neither covid nor stimulus. Less than a dime of every dollar goes to COVID. There’s almost nothing to help people get back to work and the rest of it is just massive pork… and the other thing, too, is that when we work together – like on the pandemic aid: you know, six different bills focused on healthcare, focused on getting people back to work – we’ve done a good job."

On the Democrats' socialist agenda:

"All we’ve seen are the most socialist agenda bills: nationalizing the federal elections, defunding the police, gun control… I mean you’re already seeing these extreme bills now. It will only get worse. That’s why House Republicans voted unanimously against these bills, hoping that this really sures up the Senate when these get there.

"[The Democrats] are a bit desperate here because they realize that they only have a five-vote margin in the House. In the midterms, they will lose 27-30 seats. So, they know their time’s up. The clock is ticking. I think that’s why Speaker Pelosi is just hellbent on shoving these through. And I’ll tell you, there is no debate. They don’t have committee hearings. This isn’t any of the sort of deliberate process where they try to have a debate for the American people. None of that. No due process in the House right now. So yeah, they are. They are frightened about what will come in two years."

On the “For the Politicians Act”: 

"First, it nationalizes our state and local elections so Washington’s essentially in charge of our elections in Texas. Secondly, it bans the use of voter ID to prove who you are before you vote. It really makes it harder for local election officials to insist on elections with integrity. It requires a whole number of things of states like mandated mail-in balloting, same day voter registration – the things that have created the most fraud in the most elections will now be national.

"My final point – people don’t believe this when I tell them, but – they create a new campaign fund where Members of Congress can receive on average almost four million dollars of taxpayer money for their congressional campaigns to be six-to-one matched. So, your government dollars aren’t going to cure cancer or build a road or fund the military, it goes to these horrible attack ads from candidates who, frankly, you don’t support."

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