ICYMI: Congressman Brady on The Sam Malone Show

By: U.S. Representative Kevin Brady | Published 04/02/2021


ICYMI: Yesterday, Congressman Brady joined the Sam Malone show on AM 1070 The Answer to discuss the Biden Border Crisis, the President’s plan to raise taxes, and more.


“These days obviously, looking at Biden’s infrastructure plan and tax increases; migrants are welcome, but American job traders and businesses aren’t. That is Biden’s America.”



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On the status of the border crisis:


“I’ll tell you Sam, I wish you could go down there. I wish everyone could because you’d be stunned and heartbroken. So many of these little kids are jammed into these pods. Border Patrol’s doing its best, but they are overwhelmed by this.


“In a pod – which is what they call the enclosures – there is capacity for 33 kids, and there are 600 children in there like chickens in a coop. There is no COVID testing, no privacy, they get out for 30 minutes a day into an enclosed yard… it really is just cruel.


“Look, 40% of the Border Patrol agents are not able to do their job on the border because they’re babysitting and, as they tell us, there’s no end in sight here.”


On why President Biden needs to take ownership:


“President Biden invited them here. He assembled the surge, and he needs to take responsibility for it. We met with the DEA and Coast Guard… as you’d imagine, there’s criminal elements, there’s drug elements, there’s sexual elements, there’s trafficking elements all taking advantage of the surge.”


On how the infrastructure tax hikes will destroy our economy:


“This bill has got very little to do with infrastructure. Only a dime a dollar goes to roads, bridges, ports...


“And the $2 trillion tax increase – largest tax increase in history – is coming at a time when we’re trying to recover from a pandemic and hire people, and he’s creating tax plans that will drive [businesses] overseas. That’s why it’s called the biggest economic blunder in our lifetime. And I’ll tell you, China, Japan, Europe, Canada – they are toasting President Biden because he did what they couldn’t do, which is to weaken America’s competitiveness around the world."


On who will really pay for the President’s tax hikes:


“Those taxes aren’t paid by the corporations, they’re collected by them. It’s paid by the workers. It’s paid by the people who have invested their retirement money in them. That’s who it hurts.”


On how this plan will hurt the Texas economy:


“At the end of the day, he’s gonna do real economic damage in Texas again – just like when he targeted our state and our energy workers with the Keystone Pipeline. And then stopping oil and gas leasing on federal lands. Now, he’s going after almost $20 billion of taxes on small, independent producers who have royalty income – which is mainly seniors. These are dollars that supplement their social security. This is another kill shot on Texas energy workers and they need to be paying attention.”


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