Landscaping And Lawncare Tips For May

By: Lawn Ranger Company, Inc. | Published 05/01/2021


As I am sitting here about to pen this blog, I glanced back to what I wrote one year ago as we had just been plunged headlong into the new protocols of our lives. In last May’s edition, I mentioned something along these lines: “Suddenly all of our “routines” and habits have been turned upside down.  Now we must “think” about every move we make.”  Like - remember the mask, don’t shake hands, don’t stand close to another person, don’t touch my face, etc., etc. 

Now, one year later, we have adjusted – somewhat. Sort of.  Or, perhaps more accurately, we are in the process of trying to adjust to what appears to be our “new normal.” 

Lawn Ranger Company’s crews in all Divisions (Fertilization and Weed Control, Landscape Installation, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation/sprinkler Systems, Landscape Lighting) are continuing to work, albeit on a tighter budget, with many new procedures, and a less than sufficient number of trained staff.  Where have all the applicants for employment gone?

Lawn and Landscaping Tips:  Many cool-season annuals are now in decline or already gone.  May is a transition month as we move from the comfortable 80’s to the more intense summer heat with temperatures reaching into the upper 90’s.  It may be time to think about replacing the annuals with a summertime variety.  Remember, the hotter it gets, the more difficult it becomes to spend time in the garden.  Do it now before the thermometer rises too much.

When planting new color annuals, remove the weeds and other unwanted plants from the bed.  Turn the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches.  Spread a 3 or 4 inch layer of compost, rotted leaves, finely ground pine bark mulch, or peat moss over the bed.  Blend this addition into the bed and rake it smooth.  You are ready to plant!

It is most appealing to the eye to plant new material in staggered rows, or a checkerboard pattern, rather than in straight lines or squares.

After planting and watering, apply a 3 or 4 inch layer of mulch around each plant.

Newly planted flower beds will need to be watered thoroughly.  Then keep the plants watered as deeply as needed, as opposed to a “light watering” every day.   Adjust the sprinkler system for the new season to keep the soil and roots moist.  It is best to water early in the day.  Call Lawn Ranger Company for a sprinkler system checkup and adjustment.

For the turf grass, this is the perfect time to aerate the lawn, and apply a good, properly formulated fertilizer.  Lawn Ranger Company’s renowned Green Lawn System has a program for every lawn that provides timely application of fertilizer, weed control, ornamental pest control throughout the year.  We like to provide our customers with the greenest lawn on the block!

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By:  Walt Crowder, owner of Lawn Ranger Company, Inc.

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