Plant for Pollinators

By: The Woodlands Township | Published 05/11/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Clover lawns are making a comeback. Once a common component of lawns, clover was re-labeled by chemical companies as a weed to help market herbicide. As homeowners become more interested in low maintenance lawns, clover is seeing a resurgence.
Clover provides dense groundcover, can withstand foot traffic, and stays green all summer long, and turf grass loves it! Clover returns nitrogen and trace minerals to the soil, creating a healthier and more disease-resistant lawn.
**Added bonus: bees love it! 
Turf grass alone provides little benefit to pollinators. Consider converting just 10% of your lawn to clover or another native groundcover and reduce your maintenance, expenses, chemical use, and provide a ‘lawn’ that bees can enjoy.

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