Moving Day


We are so happy to announce that the kids have moved into the new cottages at Bridgeway Shelter. After many months of waiting, we have increased our bed capacity to accommodate up to 30 children, ages 10-17.
We are so honored to serve the kids of Montgomery County and we would like to thank the hundreds of supporters who made this possible!

24-Hour Crisis Hotline - 888.756.8682


Ladies Night Out is a Sweet Success!

A delicious time was had by all who attended our recent Ladies Night Out event. Dressed in colorful, Candyland-themed attire, guests took part in many fun activities including a jewelry pull, costume and hula hoop contests, dancing, and most importantly, raising money for the kids of Montgomery County.
Ladies Night Out has a long-standing tradition of raising awareness and garnering community support for the YES to YOUTH mission. Our deepest thanks to all the donors, volunteers, and sponsors who helped make this year's event successful!


We are excited to announce this year’s annual YES to YOUTH Gala to be held on August 28, 2021, at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott. This year, we are honoring Mr. and Mrs. Zach and Rachel Richmond. Our corporate honoree is LJA Engineering, in memoriam of Mr. Calvin Ladner. We are so grateful for their support and dedication.

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Thanks and Appreciation to Our April/May Donors, Supporters, and Volunteers

Adrianne Osorio
Aisha Dubose
Alex Everson
Alison Yee
Allison Curry
Allison Donnahoe
Allstate - Tibbs Insurance Agency, LLC
Altrusa International - Montgomery Co.
Alysia Robichau
Alyssa Rigopoulos
Amanda Hofstra
Amanda Van Dusen
Amanda Wood
Amber Sickafoose
Amy Hadra
Amy Martens
Ann Harpster
Ann Latimer
April Walker
Ascly Haag
Ashley Donnahoe
Ashley Johnston
Ashley Presgrove
Ashley Stewart
Barry Blanton
Benjamin Voss
Beth Whitener
Bethany Kovacs
Betsy Whitehead
Big Rivers Waterpark
Bill and Leona Malone
Black Pearl Technology
Blo Blow Dry Bar The Woodlands
Blue Jay Interiors
Bob Marlowe
Borden Dairy Co. of Texas
Brandi Caffey
Braylon Mora
Brent Stowe
Bret and Angela Strong
Bria Huber
Brian Lindsay
Brittany Jordan
Brittney Carter
Brooke Duffy-Roberts
Brooke Manley
Brooke Newman
Caimy Harbison
Cait Lewis
Cara Blount
Cara Russell
Carl Foy
Carly Holder
Caroline Huntsman
Carrie Zamir
Casey Avet
Cassie Wagner
Cecilia Capsimalis
Chardelle Adelson
Charla Traugott
Charles Gibb
Charles Meyers
Chelsea Williams
Cher Floyd
Cheri Leblanc
Cheryl Sawyer
Cheryl Shay
Chick-fil-A Willis
Chris Davis
Chris Stull
Christi Wren
Christin Allphin
Christina Perea
Christine Richardson
Clarissa Gonzalez
Community Bank of Texas
Constable Ryan Gable
Courtney Schweitzer
Crystal Brown


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