What is Microblading for Eyebrows? Your Questions Answered!

By: Southern Secrets Medical Spa | Published 06/21/2021


If you were keeping up with the trends back in the ‘90s and early 2000s, you likely caved and over-plucked your eyebrows to achieve that pencil-thin “perfection.” But now, with your sparse brows never fully growing back, you deeply regret that decision as you spend enormous amounts of time daily with a myriad of pencils and powders to try and keep up with the fuller, more natural look we all strive for these days. Thinning eyebrows can also simply just be another one of those natural progressions as we age, leaving us dissatisfied with our looks. If this sounds like you (hint – it’s most of us!), you’ve probably asked around for tips on creating that fuller look and at least have heard of microblading. But maybe you’re still thinking to yourself… ”What is microblading for eyebrows?”

This is probably because most people equate microblading for eyebrows with frightening images of eyebrow tattoos gone bad. But the truth is that eyebrow tattoos and microblading are completely different procedures and with entirely different results. So we thought we’d clear up some misconceptions about microblading for eyebrows and answer a few common questions.

What is microblading for eyebrows?
Are there side effects?
What is the post-care process like?
How is microblading for eyebrows different from having your brows tattooed?
1. What is microblading for eyebrows?
Microblading for eyebrows is an eyebrow enhancing technique that consists of semi-permanently drawing individual hair-like strokes that mimic the natural hair of your eyebrow. This look creates the illusion of fuller brows that’s much more natural and attractive than a penciled look. Under the hands of a skilled technician, almost any look can be achieved. From light and natural to bold and exotic.

The process begins with a consultation with the technician as they assess the best shape for your face and shade for your skin tone and hair color. Next, the brow area is cleaned and numbed to prepare for the treatment. Hair strokes are manually drawn using an extremely precise tool that’s much smaller than a tattoo gun. The needle end of the tool doesn’t penetrate the skin but delicately scratches the surface, much in the same way a paper cut does. The needle very finely implants feather-like strokes of a medical-grade pigment into the epidermis (top layer of the skin). This creates a realistic and natural look. Finally, the technician applies a healing ointment. The process takes approximately 30-40 minutes depending on the look you choose.

Generally, a follow-up appointment is scheduled a few weeks after the treatment to ensure satisfaction with the results and apply any changes if needed. This treatment is termed semi-permanent, as the results can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on the consistency of your skin.

2. Are there side effects?
Do your research and find an experienced and qualified brow technician to perform your treatment. If you do, there aren’t any common major side effects with microblading for eyebrows. However, an infection is always possible if you don’t follow proper post-care procedures.

3. What is the post-care process like?
The post-care of a “microblading for eyebrows treatment” is pretty straightforward. Sunscreen is key to extending the lifetime of your new brows and preventing fading from the sun. It is also advised to discontinue the use of any Retin-A or retinol products about a week before an appointment and thirty days after getting your treatment, as those ingredients can cause premature fading. It takes about a week for the skin to heal, during which time it’s best not to wet the brow area or apply makeup. After your skin heals you can resume your normal routine.

4. How is microblading for eyebrows different from having your brows tattooed?
Microblading for eyebrows is much different than tattooing in a couple of ways. The major difference is that while tattooing penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and reveals a permanent effect, microblading simply “scratches” only the top layer of the skin for a semi-permanent effect. Also, you achieve a much more fine and natural-looking hair stroke with microblading due to this scratching effect and the more precise tool that the technician uses.


Look your best without the extra effort! Never have to pencil or shade your eyebrows again. At Southern Secrets Medical Spa, we are proud to partner with Maya Rizk, BSN, RN to provide microblading for eyebrows. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation to see how we can do our part to help enhance your beauty and make your eyebrows gorgeous.

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