Water-Saving Native Plant of The Week - Pigeonberry (Rivina Humilis)

By: Woodlands Water | Published 07/06/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Water-Saving Native Plant of The Week by Bob Dailey: Pigeonberry (Rivina humilis). Pigeonberry is a low-growing native perennial herb. It generally grows between a foot and a foot and a half tall, but it has been known to exceed three feet if conditions are right. This plant grows best underneath trees and shrubs, making it a great groundcover. The flowers are about 1/4 inch across, white to pink, growing on the stems' last 2-3 inches. The fruits are numerous, red, and almost translucent, often appearing on the lower part of the stem while the upper part is still blooming. They are a choice food for many kinds of birds. Pigeonberry appeals to the eye when it blooms pale pink and bears scarlet fruit simultaneously. Birds and bees love this plant: It does fine in any well-drained sand, sandy loam, loam, clay, or calcareous soils. It prefers light shade and in drought, during the summer, it may go dormant. It is deciduous. Photo by Wynn Anderson. Photo courtesy of Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

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