Common Signs Of Faulty Sprinklers

By: M & D Sprinklers, Inc. | Published 07/27/2021


Not all disrepairs are evident. Sometimes, it can be difficult to detect when a landscape is not being properly watered due to a malfunctioning system.

Patchy Lawn – Some sprinkler heads could be clogged, misaligned, jammed, or damaged. Hence, certain green areas within the landscape are being watered more than others.

High Water Bill – An external part could be leaking due to wear and tear. Otherwise, the water leak might be coming from an underground shattered pipe.

Unresponsive Controller – A defective control panel can turn the entire sprinkler system inoperable. This problem could be caused by a lack of electrical voltage or program misconfiguration.

Pressure Imbalances – Excessive water pressure accelerates the deterioration of essential mechanical parts. Meanwhile, weak water pressure decreases the reach of predefined irrigation patterns.

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