Longest Lasting Vehicles to Buy

By: Milstead Automotive | Published 08/23/2021


There are billions of vehicles on the road around the world. The average lifespan of a vehicle is about twelve years. This, however, depends on several factors such as maintenance, how often you drive, and where you drive. Technology has now made it possible for longer-lasting vehicles. Improvements in efficiency, emissions, safety, reliability, and longevity are now enhanced by microprocessors on board your vehicle. These improvements are increasing not only cars' lifespans but manufacturer warranties. As technology becomes more advanced, vehicles will have the potential to run even longer. 

Keep in mind that no matter how innovative your vehicle is, regular maintenance makes all the difference between a vehicle that is troublesome and one that is hassle-free. Without taking the time to take care of your vehicle and perform regular maintenance, your vehicle won't last as long. Not all manufacturers have been able to build vehicles that can chug along for at least 200,000 miles. 
What are the Longest-Lasting Vehicles on the Road?
According to a recent study, these are the longest-lasting vehicles with the highest chance to reach 200,000 miles or more. Consumers looking to buy the longest-lasting, most-reliable vehicle should consider these five manufacturers: Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, and GMC. From these manufacturers, the models with the highest rankings include: 
• Toyota: Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Sequoia 
• Honda: Odyssey, Accord, Civic
• Chevy: Tahoe, Impala, Silverado
• Ford: Mustang, Expedition, F-150
• GMC: Yukon, Yukon XL, Sierra
How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle?
There are several ways that you can improve the life of your car. Having a vehicle built to withstand the test of time still needs to be kept well maintained to stay effective. Following your manufacturer's recommended service schedule can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Here are some easy ways to keep your wheels on the road for years to come.
• Keep up with routine maintenance
• Tend to minor repairs in a timely manner
• Keep it clean
• Drive responsibly
• Schedule regular inspections
Schedule Auto Repair Services!
Regardless of the vehicle, proper maintenance and care is the best way to extend how long a vehicle lasts. Vehicles are a necessity of life and an expensive investment, so you want to get your money's worth. A long-lasting car is what most buyers want to. Do your research and find the vehicle that is right for your needs and budget. To keep your vehicle in optimal working condition, regular maintenance and auto repair services are necessary. Visit our auto repair shop for experts and affordable service that will keep your vehicle on the road for many years to come.  


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