7 Important Tips to Always Keep Your Pet Safe

By: Camp Bow Wow | Published 10/18/2021


Effectively caring for your pet involves consistent attention to all areas of their life to ensure their overall protection. Pet-proof your home, yard and garage. Make sure all chemicals, cleaning products, drugs, supplements, toxic foods, poisonous indoor and outdoor plants, pool and hot tub supplies, trash, antifreeze, tools and more are out of reach of curious noses and paws!

Ensure regular vet care and wellness visits. Make sure you visit your vet regularly for wellness checks and dental cleanings for your dog’s best quality of life with preventative care.

Spay or neuter your dogs and other pets when necessary. Fixing your dog and other pets can help prevent some illnesses and cancers, joint disorders as well as unwanted pets and behaviors.

Use car safety restraints (seat belts, a crate or a pet booster seat for smallerpets) for your pet’s ultimate safety. Also, never let your dog ride in the back of a pickup truck.

Learn the basics of Pet First Aid and CPR. Also, download the Pet First Aid App onto your phone for emergencies. 

Protect your pets against pests, fleas, ticks and heartworm. Use natural products whenever possible to prevent adverse side effects.

Post your regular vet’s office and the local vet hospital phone numbers on the refrigerator and in your phone before an emergency happens! Also, make sure these numbers are given to your pet sitter
or dog walker for immediate medical help!

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