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Esports club provides students with a sense of community and can foster digital citizenship skills. The Woodlands Prep School invites you to be part of this experience. We are going to open our first Gaming Club-Esports to provide our students with a full experience. In a controlled environment, we can teach students some basic rules about communication, teamwork, and active participation.

This club wants to provide a place to explore different types of games within the same educational environment. This formal structure can help students practice global professional skills, such as communication, collaboration, and empathy, which support digital citizenship. (
Ages 10 to 18
Students learn about different aspects of esports from the competitive side to production, business, and digital citizenship:
Competition Options
Esports League
League of Legends
Rocket League

You don’t need experience to be part of the club, just the attitude and the willingness to learn something new.

Be part of the first generation!

Enroll now. Call us +1 (281) 516 - 0600

Starts October 5, 2021 ends June 2, 2022
Tuesday and Thursday after school from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Membership fee $40.00 one time only
Tuition fee
Two sessions per week $300.00 monthly
One session per week $180.00 monthly
One week $100.00 weekly
Limited space available

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