When To Replace or Rekey a Lock for Your Home

By: Dawson Security Group | Published 10/25/2021


A common misconception when requesting service for your locks is requesting to replace the entire lock instead of just rekeying (or resetting) the lock. When you feel your security is compromised by someone that you don’t know has a key to your home, the initial reaction is to change your locks. While that’s possible, in most cases it’s recommended to just rekey your locks. Rekeying is the process of modifying the pins or wafers in a lock so a new key will be required and the existing key will no longer work. This prevents anyone with your previous key to gain access through your doors.

A scenario where replacing your locks is the recommended solution is when you feel like you’re being targeted or like someone will stop at nothing to get into your home. In this case, it’s recommended that you not only replace your existing locks but also upgrade to high security locks and deadbolts like Medeco.

This is similar to resetting your password to your email account instead of moving to a new address when you think it’s been compromised. When you reset or change your password, those who obtained your old password will no longer be able to log in. Although there are other, more advanced ways to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your home, rekeying your locks is critical.

However, rekeying may not be the option available. If you’ve lost the original key to the lock or the lock is so worn out from years of use that it’s now malfunctioning, a lock replacement or servicing it would be the most likely and logical solution. In fact, it’s recommended that customers have their locks alternated at least every few years just to maintain optimal functioning.

Whether you need to simply rekey your locks or you’re looking replace or upgrade your locks, we’re here to help! Please call (281-364-0500) or stop by our shop to speak with one of our experienced technicians today.

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